Let’s get started with some basic stuff

This site is to help out all those beginner to intermediate WordPress users.

We assume that you will know how to upload WordPress onto your website and that you will know how to upload a theme. We also assume you will know how to write posts and pages and the basic sort of things associated with using WordPress. It is pretty easy. Most host providers give you easy instructions of how to do it (and each provider is a little different, so there is no point trying to help you here).

Okay, so there basically there are two areas where you can make changes to make your site look different to the standard theme that you uploaded.

The first one is by entering code directly into the Post/Page itself when you are editing it.

The second one is by editing the code itself. This is the most difficult and most risky. You can find the areas to edit by going to the editor under the Appearance Menu item on the left side of your Dashboard Menu. Likewise you can edit code for a plugin under Editor under the Plugin Menu item on the left side of your Dashboard.

Our future posts will look into various areas of these two items. It can get pretty complicated, but that’s what we are here for!